Welcome to Vortex Plumbing

Vortex Plumbing operates as plumbing contractors specializing in commercial, residential and high-rise apartment installations. We work country wide. We have the experience and inventory necessary to handle any diverse projects and are able to provide vast services requested for plumbing. Vortex has two directors, D.C and Konrad, of whom are both qualified plumbers, and they will leverage their competitive edges of professionalism and attention to quality in training all their employees. D.C and Konrad are well known in the plumbing industry and have good relationships with key role players in the building and plumbing industry.

About Vortex Plumbing

Vortex Plumbing is an equal opportunity employer and we adhere to the Employment Equity Principle.

Vortex Plumbing will prove our commitment to uphold our standard of service and to increase our customer’s profitability by offering the most efficient and flexible service of the highest quality on the market.

Vortex plumbing (Pty) Ltd mission is to provide the finest plumbing installations to new or existing structures. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.

Meet Our Team


DC Uys

Konrad Backeberg


Currently we employ 52 plumbers and are capable of increasing our work force as and when needed


Gert van der Walt

Sean McMenamin

JC Bam

Jan Jenkins

Rodney Nekhwevha


ADMIN – Serah Celliers

ACCOUNTS – Anina Fourie

BUYER – Marlise Mostert




Currently we employ 60 general laborer’s and are capable of increasing our work force as and when needed


  • Vortex Plumbing is a Level 3 BEE contributor
  • Vortex Plumbing has a up to date Tax certificate
  • Vortex Plumbing operates within the scope of the Labour Department Health and Safety Rules.
  • Vortex Plumbing is extremely vigilant with regards to the health and safety of our workers.
  • Vortex Plumbing has an up to date ‘Letter of good standing’ – Workmen’s Compensation
  • Vortex Plumbing is PIRB registered
  • Vortex Plumbing is GEBERIT approved.


  • Gothic Construction: Gerhard Lubbe 082 432 4548
  • Abbeydale Construction: Michael Monteiro 082 294 2152
  • Archstone Construction: Pedro Morgado 079 528 9041
  • G.D Irons Construction: Ron Pretorius 082 568 0010
  • Quanticost: Llanddaff Matthews 082 925 7676
  • Iguana Construction: Jacques Visser 082 771 4637